Outdoor Expeditions Club

Be on the lookout for dates and times for our meeting time this year!!!  
Hopes:  One OE trip a month
                Going to Forest Park at least twice a month
                That our students will gain a love for the outdoors as wide as Ms. Scher's and mine!!  
                That our students will come to know the ease of access in which they can find exciting and enriching           outings!!  

Check out some things we have done over the past couple years:
Forest Park!!!
Day 2 - Building Wizard Homes - getting to know our environment well

Day 1 - Exploring our five senses 

CONGRATULATIONS on your first successful adventure!!!
Snowshoeing in Patterson, New York - despite the weather, the rain, the snow, the cold....you all did incredible!! TRUE ADVENTURENEERS!!!!  Can't wait for our next expedition!!!



The mission of this club is to give students first hand experiences in nature, deepening their love for the outdoors and celebrating the spirit of adventure together.  We will be exploring the parks and outdoors that surround us here in Forest Hills as well as outside of the city.  We hope to make students aware of how easy it is to go to preserves, hiking trails, as well as other outdoor activities via the Metro North and get out of the city!  Students will be pushing themselves - bringing the core values of success and failure as well as intellect and curiosity - with them on adventures as they push themselves to try new things and push their limits, physically and mentally.  We hope to go on adventures in skiing, hiking, rock climbing, overnights in the woods, boating, snowshoeing, etc. etc. etc.!!  Students will learn outdoor skills such as plant and tree identification, first aid skills among other wilderness awareness skills.   We will learn to be stewards of our space and the spaces that we go into, becoming socially responsible citizens.  Students will be encouraged to communicate well with one another, explore their leadership abilities, build trustworthy relationships and reflect on their experiences.  Each student's individual strengths and unique abilities will be fostered, creating a safe space for all to participate in.  And the underlying mission of it all is to HaVe fUN!!!!